Havarim stream


Road 40, south of Sede-boqer.

The perfect track for full moon nights, a magical experience and highly recommended, also very close to Chan Hashayarot.

Starting point at Havarim pit located on road 40, 2 km north to Chan Hashayarot. Leave the cars at Havarim pit and go down to the stream following the marked route, which begins at a very impressive and well preserved Nabatean well and ends at the stream’s northern exit, near Ein Ovdat nature reservation. You might want to leave one car there in order to take drivers back to the cars at Havarim pit. It is a 3 hours track, suitable for families and travelers of any age.


Regarding the cars - although when there is a full moon, the car park is always secured with guards and supervisors, it is not recommended to leave any property inside the cars.

Recommended dates: in every Hebrew month, between the 13 to the 16 the moon is at its peak. You should check the moon rise on the day you begin your trip and plan according to it the time you should start walking the track.

Lighting - no need for flashlights. The full moon lights the white gravel hills perfectly.